Dental E-Update for July, 2011. (Word Document) Collaboratively sponsored by the NMPCA and the New Mexico Dental Support Center



Several New Mexico Community Health Center dental providers attended the National Primary Oral Health Conference October 24-27, 2010 in Orlando, FL. Also attending were Eileen Goode, Clinical Programs Director for the NMPCA and Carol Hanson, coordinator of the New Mexico Dental Support Center, NMDOH. This annual conference is sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in cooperation with the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA). Informative workshops (with Continuing Education credit) and a great opportunity to network with over 500 others particularly interested in dental services at Health Centers made this conference valuable.

This year two new publications were released by NNOHA. “Survey of Health Center Oral Health Providers – Dental Salaries, Provider Satisfaction, and Recruitment and Retention Strategies” provides a report of key findings from a HRSA/NNOHA survey conducted by Baylor College of Dentistry in 2009. The other publication, “Leadership – Becoming an Outstanding Dental Director” is the 2nd chapter in the Operations Manual for Health Center Oral Health Programs which is being developed by NNOHA. Both of these publications along with the 1st chapter of the Operations Manual are available for download at: A printed version of the publications can be purchased at that site.

Marcia Brand, PhD, HRSA Deputy Administrator and Jay Anderson, DMD, MHSA, HRSA Chief Dental Officer addressed the conference attendees. Dr Brand encouraged the group to become familiar with the Health & Human Services Oral Health Initiative ( Both Dr Brand and Dr Anderson encouraged Health Center dental programs to expand their services to more patients. There were 3.4 million dental patients at Health Centers and 8.4 million dental visits in2009. Dental programs currently see approximately 18% of the total served at Health Centers – the group was encouraged to aim for a goal of serving 30-60%.


Dental E-Update (Word Document) November 2010 Issue #5- Collaboratively sponsored by the NMPCA and the New Mexico Dental Support Center



Dental E-Update (Word Document) September 2010 Issue #3- Collaboratively sponsored by the NMPCA and the New Mexico Dental Support Center



Dental Providers Encouraged to Participate in Tobacco Control & Cessation Program –

The New Mexico Primary Care Association (NMPCA) is participating in the Tobacco, and Low Socioeconomic Status (LSES) Women: Federal Collaboration to Make a Difference program. The collaborative program is particularly interested in addressing the needs of LSES Women of childbearing age because of the health benefits of quitting smoking early in life and because this age group includes many pregnant and parenting women. Significant evidence exists to indicate that smoking leads to stillbirth, pre-term birth, placental abruption and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). And smoking is associated with increased risk of spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy and placenta previa.

One component of the collaborative program is to provide provider education regarding smoking cessation using the “Five A’s” (Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, Arrange). Smoking cessation training was conducted for dental and medical providers by NMPCA clinical staff at the New Mexico Health Resources Provider Retreat May 22nd, in Taos, NM.

  •     Ask about tobacco use, every visit
  •     Advise tobacco user to stop – use a strong personalized approach  
  •     Assess readiness to quit – consider stages of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, termination)
  •     Assist tobacco user to quit – brief motivational intervention using the 5 R’s (relevance, rewards, risks, roadblocks and repetition)
  •     Arrange follow up

Several tools are available to assist:
•    1-800-QuitNow (English & Spanish – Free Nicotine Patches or Gum as appropriate
• (click on Healthy Living under Popular eCard Topics – then Smoking)
The NMPCA Clinical Staff is available to conduct provider education on Tobacco Cessation at your Community Health Center.

Note: Tobacco assessment and intervention is a Core Clinical Quality Measure for Meaningful Use. The Uniform Data System also requires FQHCs to report the number of visits/patients seen for “Smoke and tobacco use cessation counseling.”



Current Initiatives for NMPCA Dental Performance Improvement Committee

The New Mexico Department of Health, Public Health Division is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from HRSA to establish the New Mexico Dental Support Center. The Center will support and enhance current efforts to increase the number of appropriately trained and culturally competent oral health providers through two primary goals:

1. Provide training and technical support for dental providers in rural areas and community health clinics; and,

2. Provide a center of professional support and network of communication for dental educators throughout the state.

The first goal will support and enhance the current system of outreach established by the NM Primary Care Association to oral health providers. The Support Center will partner with NMPCA to compile a comprehensive database of existing dental providers serving in rural and community health clinics; provide support to develop a listserv for participants to engage in online discussion and information sharing; and, co-sponsor continuing dental education opportunities. The Support Center will also provide technical support, as well as establish and coordinate a network of local dental disease prevention coordinators for the purpose of implementing best practices in oral health promotion and disease prevention both statewide and in local communities.

The second mechanism will establish a network of dental educators in NM for the purpose of connecting and aligning with statewide missions and strategies of educators of dental residents, dental hygienists and dental assistants. The New Mexico Dental Providers Support Network is a forum exchange facilitated by the New Mexico Primary Care Association and the NM Department of Health please go to

The next meeting of the New Mexico Primary Care Association’s Dental Performance Improvement Committee will be held on August 20th at the NMPCA Office – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.